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Seawalls prevent shoreline erosion along any sized body of water. They also deflect the energy of waves and push it back towards the water. The time it takes to construct a seawall varies on the type of material being used. Picking a type also depends on the type of water the seawall will be in as well as other environmental factors.

Seawall Construction Services

Seawalls are used to protect shorelines from erosion and make areas around the water safer for people and animals. These structures can be found along lakes and sea shores as not only a protective device but also a decorative element to the area it is in. Seawalls can be constructed for commercial and residential use. They can be seen as a decorative feature in places with many man-made waterways like resorts, extravagant marinas, and country clubs.

Types of Seawalls

  • Wooden seawalls are most commonly used and could be considered the most traditional. They tend to be more cost effective than other building materials but still require regular maintenance in order to stand the test of time.


  • Aluminum seawalls tend to be more durable and cost effective compared to other material used for seawalls. Specifically in freshwater environments, there is little to no damage. With aluminum seawalls, builders will also use aluminum caps and aluminum tie-back rods and deadmen.


  • Vinyl seawall combines steel reinforced concrete and a long lasting vinyl protection. It is becoming the preferred way to build cost-effective and low maintenance seawalls. Vinyl seawalls are made of over 92% recycled material so it is very environmentally friendly and very low maintenance.


  • Concrete seawalls are made of concrete panels with  reinforced steel or metal supports within the walls. This is part of what makes them super durable. These seawalls create a strong flat surface that can last 30 to 50 years if well maintained. Typically, a concrete seawall will be paired with a concrete cap.

Florida Seawall Repair

Eventually, a seawall may need to be repaired. Changes in the elements and improper maintenance can lead to deterioration of a seawall. Materials such as wood and concrete are most likely to break or rot.


Wooden seawalls require regular sealing to prevent insect invasion or sun damage. Concrete bricks can chip from heavy impact during a storm or from boat crashes. It is crucial to replace chipped bricks in order to preserve the longevity of the seawall.


Other materials may rust or tarnish as well, like aluminum and vinyl. However, any seawall that has been abandoned or unkempt will not perform properly and lead to erosion of the land behind and around it.

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