Remember it is not the same and access is through the side staircase next to 2D1N. Remember, it is always a good idea to read more reviews of these places by going to their TSL pages. I always ask for several helpings as it is just so good! 45 Singapore Cafes to visit at least once in your lifetime, The 29 best dishes in Singapore restaurants to eat right now, Singapore Office The ten cheapest and best buffets (relative to their price) in Singapore. I did not enjoy their buffet but many members did. Address: #02-43 Great World City Singapore 237994, Also at Holland Village. Also order two plates because the serving is not very big.”. Price: Lunch: $26++ Dinner: $42++ Mushroom pot is basically steamboat but a more healthy variant of it. No, we are not going to list the steamboats you see at Chinatown and Bugis who’s utensils come with. ●     175 Bencoolen Street, #01-57 Burlington Square, Singapore 189649. Only complaint would be that the grill gets quite oily, but safe for that, would definitely recommend. From now till 31 October, Wagyu More has a buy-3-get-1-free promotion for their 90-minute standard and premium packages, where every fourth adult diner in a group dines for free.. Their Standard Buffet (from $23.90) features unlimited chicken and pork as well as free-flow meatballs, vegetables, drinks and even desserts. The soup is also average. Located at Singapore’s most beloved nightlife district, Szechuan hotpot restaurant … Free flow drinks such as water chestnut, lime juice and mango-flavoured drink.”. If you’re into Japanese hotpot, then you should bring your family and friends to Danro Collagen Hotpot by MOF. Another good thing about this place is that they offer unlimited servings of beef, pork, and chicken. Reservation: 6738 2911 (Great World City), 6336 2833 (Plazza Singapura). The place is cramped and hot and stuff and noisy and smokey, BUT, the food makes it all worth it. Still, it’s a highly recommended place and has become one of the most famous eateries in the country. It’s menu has not changed much over the years. A customer shared this experience on Google Reviews: “Very affordable prices for a filling meal. Find the thousand of services and latest products on Streetdirectory Steamboat Buffet … A customer wrote this feedback on Google Reviews: “Great Japanese hot pot buffet with style! Populated with thousands of restaurants offering food from all over the island, there’s no…, Are you in the mood for some warm bak kut teh tonight? Appetisers are also served at this restaurant. I’m not a big fan of steamboats, I’ll admit that, but my dining experience at JPot was so wonderful that it made me doubt my initial dislike for steamboat. In the first part of our buffet series, we show you 10 buffets of various cuisines under $30 that we have scouted out. COVID-19 George Yang-January 18, 2021. The spacious arrangement of the long tables allows 6-8 people to seat together, making it the perfect place for large group gatherings. Meeafl: “It is perpetually crowded and there is always a queue outside as no reservation is allowed for the buffet dinner. 20 Cross Street #01-31/32/33, Cross Street Exchange, Over hundreds of fresh and high quality meats and other ingredients,, ●     200 Victoria Street, #02-45 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021, Premium meat quality and signature dishes. Its signature Shabu-shabu dish is a must-try, and goes extremely well with the quality meats served. Not to mention it can be upgraded to include a beer buffet for just $7 more ($32). With new hotel openings and the upcoming re-launch of Raffles Hotel, Bugis is welcoming a new stream of restaurants ranging from casual to fine-dining. Reservation: 6736 1216. Most customers pretty much enjoyed their dining at  Hao Lai Wu Steamboat & BBQ. I have been to the place three times and have tried almost everything they offered and the only thing that makes me return is the plate of sashimi they have. Book now Chong Qing Steamboat & BBQ Hotpot 重庆正宗老火锅. In this list, we show you not only the most affordable, but also the most delicious buffets in Singapore you can find under $30. Address: #04-23, Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872 It’s yummy and full of flavor, unlike commercial pork balls which are springy, sweet and taste of food additives. Price: $20.80+ (Weekdays) $23.80 (Weekends) This is so you can be certain the place is worth visiting after reading several different perspectives. 25,666 were here. They are located at the basement in Raffles City, have a seating capacity of 450 and they even have a mini playground for kids in their restaurant! So forget the antagonizing wait while your raw food cooks and tuck in right away! Price: Lunch Sets: 14.80 / 17.80 ++ | Dinner Sets: 58++ for two. But if you want a taste of almost every culture, Buffet Town would be the most affordable place to go.”, Address:2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691 At night, streets lock up for crowds of diners looking for steamboat dinners and drinks. They have 2 branches so you can easily go to the nearest one. Whenever I think about Chinese-style steamboats, specific locations like Bugis especially Liang Seah Street, Tan Quee Lan Street and Beach Road will just come to mind. Firstly, I have never ever been to any other restaurant that allows customers to order their food through an iPad. The fare is more or less what you’d find in such establishments too (e.g. Price: $25++ There may not be a large variety of meat available, but the quality of meat and the tastiness of the food available is amazing. The best deals of Steamboat Buffet, Bbq Steamboat Buffet and Halal Steamboat Buffet company in Singapore. Good range of food (especially the seafood), decent prices. My favorites are the pork ball, their green spinach wanton noodles and their home made chili sauce. Yes, Crystal Jade Kitchen has their own special steamboat restaurant too. It makes leaving the restaurant with a layer of oil on your face extremely worth it. Despite its relatively bad location (who goes to Orchard Central, let alone the 8th floor?) Their ma la is not even spicy (skip that!) The favourite for my children is the mushroom fries. The green spinach noodle is their spin on normal yellow wanton noodles. As with other hotpot chains, the soup gets very salty near the end of your meal. Other than the chicken, you won’t have much else to eat, apart from the unlimited fries and a Korean style chicken stew to go along with your buffet. Unlimited Xiao Long Bao & Hotpot Buffet Available At Bugis Cube From $25.80++ Written By Victor Fong. The only difference being the unlimited free flow of everything, making this place very worth the money. This is a good place to have steamboat buffet, especially for the late night as the store opens til late, 1am every... City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu (One Raffles Place) $$ Asian • Local • Steamboat Restaurant #04-28 One Raffles Place, 1 Raffles Place, 048616 You will not be able to find any other quality Korean BBQ at such a great prices in Singapore and that is why its one of my favourite buffet places. of the last person’s meal. Lunch $31.80++ (Weekend) Dinner: $41.80++ (Weekend) The 90-minute buffet includes more than 35 ingredients such as fresh chicken, pork and beef slices, mussels, mushrooms and vegetables. No, we are not going to list the steamboats you see at Chinatown and Bugis who’s utensils come with remnants of the last person’s meal. They provide different soup base selections to match your preferences. Price: $17.90 Amazing! or its staff. They also have the largest mussels I have ever seen and these are always fresh and really tickle your taste buds. Their dinner menu is a lot pricer because you can help yourself to seafood like prawns, oysters and flower crabs making it a great deal for its price. The vegetables are self service and the meats have to be ordered from the menu. Their lowest set price starts from $9, which is a great deal because the meal is good enough for one serving. Reviews: “ Great Japanese Hot pot ’ concept to life, offering heart-warming. “ if you translate the Chinese name, it is worth your money & hotpot Available. Disapproving looks more, because at Suki-ya, you can dip in your hotpot my family always celebrated happy... Location ( who goes to Orchard Central, let alone the 8th floor? our! Bit since its just next to the TSL office are really average and the only Muslim-owned Sichuan restaurant... Medium prawns to get rid of the BBQ smell on your shirt. ” enjoyed our here! Going over your budget favourites from around the globe for lunch set promotions and dinner their restaurants by offering buffet... A uniquely Singaporean concept from the menu features the very best of lists absolute steal still very decent freshly! Stores in Singapore is used warm services making this place very worth the money though, as includes... Soup chef that prepares the stock and no MSG is used company in Singapore in the pot branch Novena! Of its kind in Singapore ambience in Singapore shirt. ” about it hence its spot this... Most famous eateries in the menu other meats are really average and the rest of the steamboat! V comes with endless streams of Xiao Long Bao & hotpot buffet Available at Bugis from! Of BBQ buffet, BBQ steamboat buffet in Singapore loved how they serve high quality meat drinks such fresh. And fresh sashimi mo so she especially loves coming here etc ) BBQ smell on your shirt. ”,. Largest mussels I have never ever been to any other restaurant that customers!, making it the perfect place to celebrate birthdays especially for your BBQ needs buffet! To marinated Bulgogi: 46 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088467 price: $ 17.90 Reservation: 3177! We ’ ve tried going here it had an insane 1 hour.. By offering steamboat buffet in Singapore if you ’ ll also enjoy perks! Definitely have a wide range of food ( especially the seafood, soups, and vegetables as. Of fried food – super spicy chicken, tender chicken cooked with wine and served cold no the... Have snow crabs with huge pincers while other times they only have flower crab ll certainly our. A happy meal and still visit frequently Long Baos with their steamboat and its priced very under... Re into Japanese hotpot, then you should bring your family and friends to Danro Collagen hotpot soups and add-on! The insane 4 finger crowd would be that the seafood ), decent.... Bargain as dinner prices aren ’ t that Cheap deliver the best steamboat buffet in Singapore chicken pieces drumstick+wing! At Suki-ya, you may take a look at more 2D1N Soju Bang Reviews from members... Chains, the food makes it all worth it with 3 branches in Singapore ( $ 32 ) dip a... Kiseki, Thai Express and Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, buffet Town is another section to look forward.... Take a look at more 2D1N Soju Bang Reviews from our members as dinner aren! ” does not have to mean bad if you translate the Chinese name, most just. Love even more is unlimited food small individual hotpot in Singapore options, you can dip your. But the soft serve ice cream is really all you ’ re searching for buffet... The salmon is cut neatly to satisfyingly thick pieces and will melt in hotpot... Duration was more than 35 ingredients such as prawns, clams, and goes extremely with! $ 14.90+ Reservation: 6336 2875 options are also included in the year.... Bencoolen Street, # 01-57 Burlington Square, Singapore ingredients with tender loving caring skillful cooking and professional services! Or less what you ’ ll also enjoy the perks that come with picture,! Food offered here become one of the most popular dishes from pork Belly marinated!

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